More Style
The coolest iPhone favorites list –
with ergonomics for your nose
NoseDial isn't just extremely practical in the winter, it's also the most aesthetic and individual solution for calling.

Unlike with the iPhone favorites list, NoseDial shows you all your contacts along with the corresponding photo. You can also decide for yourself how many contacts or dialing buttons you wish to have displayed on the screen and also select their size. You can easily set the difficulty level to "Specialist" when using your fingers to navigate your iPhone. You should probably start off using "Beginner" for your first attempts at dialing with your nose.

And to make sure you really fall in love with NoseDial, you can even change the dialing buttons' appearance. Whether you prefer the cool look of steel or pink snake leather you can choose your own style. And new styles are constantly being added!


You choose the number/size of the dialing buttons.